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When you think about worst experience of traveling. its just because of illness that all demolishes our enjoyment. Only reason behind this illness is not drinking pure water or not using purified water for preparing food. It may results into the serious diseases. So there’s a way to avoid getting sick during traveling is just selecting Best Water Filter Bottle For Travel.
Whenever going for traveling its always convenient to carry water bottle Filter. Its common necessary equipment popular among backpackers,travelers and hikers and perfectly for those who likes to travel destinations where poor quality water resides. So use this product and say no to environmentally harmful plastic water bottles which are expensive too and become environment friendly traveler.

Clearly Filtered: Why You Should Like It

Out of many different forms of water filter bottle;a more convenient option is Clearly Filtered bottles. Honestly it is something you must choose for your enjoying traveling.


• A newly manufactured great productClearly Filtered: Why You Should Like It
• Long lasting
• Be ready to drink water instantly
• Filter itself doesn’t require cleanup
• Made up of stainless steel that looks more styling
• A very slim model fits easily to backpack
• You can drink with it without spilling on yourself even in bumpy bus also
• It removes 99.99% viruses, bacteria, metals, parasites and many more
• Filter can be removed very easily whenever not needed to make bottle normal

 ClearlyFilteredBrita bottleWater bobbleCamelBakMore
Filter Capacity100 gallons20 gallons40 gallons30 gallonsCheck It Out
Filter life6+months2 Months2 Months2 MonthsCheck It Out
BPA freeYesYesYesYesCheck It Out
Capacity28 oz24 OZ13-34 OZ20 OZCheck It Out
tap,rivers,streams & lakesYesNope(Tap only)Nope(Tap only)Nope(Tap only)Check It Out
ChlorineRemoves 99.99%Reduces 58-79%ReducesReducesCheck It Out

Cons :

• Straw is little-bit awkward to drink water;which results into slower sucking
• But newest model doesn’t have this problem
• Stainless steel is little heavy. Actually its lighter in weight but could be more lighter if its made up of titanium

Final thought :

The pros of Clearly Filtered water bottle filter clearly overrides the negligible cons of it. So This deserves the best water filter bottle for travel award from my side. If you find another one then let me know in the comments.


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