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filtered water bottle review

When you think of the best water filter bottle, the first thought which might creep up in your mind is that of a typical gym water bottle or a normal old school plastic water bottle which all of us have carried at some or the other point in our lives.
The best water bottle with filter is somewhat relatively same as the typical water bottle in terms of appearance but that is drastically different as well as advanced if we talk about its objective and features.
A best filtered water bottle is one of the most used cost savvy as well as time saving devices people from all over the world use in order to purify water.
While using the scientific and particularly bigger size water purification systems might seem to be hefty on our pockets, a water filter bottle minimizes all of that effort and combines it into a smaller and more efficient as well as affordable version of water purification in one single minimal water bottle. The best self filtering water bottle is used widespread for the purpose of purifying water as and when we plan to drink it.
This little equipment forms a part of every hygiene freak’s travel essentials as well as their home necessities. While Installing an entire water purification system definitely takes time and also requires a suitable amount of expertise to be maintained on a proper routine basis the same does not apply to a water filter bottle.
Checkout filtered water bottle review below; the product which works optimally, is easy to clean maintain, is affordable and most of all provides pure drinking water which is safe and completely hygienic to drink and use.

Top Recommendations for Best Filtered Water Bottle:

OKO 1.Hook available
2.100 gallon capacity
YESCheck It Out
Nubo 57-1432 1.Reusable
2.Easy for cleaning
3.Dishwasher safe
YESCheck It Out
Hydros 1.Shining design
2.Easier to clean
YESCheck It Out
CamelBak Groove 1.Reduction of chlorine
2.Loop handle available
3.Certified by NSF
YESCheck It Out
Brita 1.Easier sip straw
2.Dishwasher safe
3.Comes in 1ltr
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Bobble 1.less price
3.Reusable and recycled
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Aqua Vessel 1.Does not sweat at all
2.Triple insulated filtration system
3.keep water cold
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1. CamelBak Groove Water Filter Bottle


  • Comes in a 0.6 and 0.75 liter in sizebest self filtering water bottle
  • Loop handle helps to carry bottle with finger
  • Easy to use and refill also
  • certified by NSF international independently
  • Reduction of chlorine, taste, and odor are the plus points
  • Available in 8 different colors

CamelBak Groove Water Filter Bottle Reviews:

  •  Highly recommended: children who are under age 5 should not use the CamelBak Groove. The Bite Valve could become dislodged and pose a choking risk.
  • You can use CamelBak groove in high-altitude and also in low-pressure environments i.e. in mountain altitudes, airplanes etc but be cure for this. Always keep the bite valve in the closed position the bottle right side up.
  • Take care for hot water, there may be a chances of damaging your CamelBak groove with hot fluids.
  • Sometimes you may accidentally wash your Fresh Filter in the dishwasher, but we recommend you to discard it and place a new Fresh Filter in your bottle, that will be much handy

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2. Hydros Water Filtering Bottle

best self filtering water bottleCharacteristics :

  • Good alternative for bottled water
  • Company made different changes from previous one to make it more shining
  • Available in 5 different colors

Hydros Water Filtering Bottle Reviews :

  • Water tasted so much better
  • Very easier to clean it as it is dishwasher safe

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3. Bobble BPA Free Water Filter Bottle

Characteristics :

  • Available in 8 different colorsbest water bottle brand
  • Reusable and recycled
  • Very less price/affordable
  • Different sizes replacement filters are interchangeable
  • lightweight

Bobble BPA Free Water Filter Bottle Reviews :

  • Great option bottle filter for traveling by car and by plane by having it, and also use it on a daily basis at work
  • This personal filter gives much more security
  • Somewhat lacking point is: It makes a noticeable audible whooshing noise while drinking from the bottle. So we personally recommend this product.
  • you, not to take this bottle where silence is appreciated

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4. Aqua Vessel Filtration Water Bottle (Insulated)

Characteristics :

  • best water bottle with filterMakes water taste great
  • Best productive water filter bottle, microscopic pathogens are also removed
  • Vacuum insulation used to keep water cold
  • Does not sweat at all
  • Removes 99.9% of Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • Triple insulated filtration system adds more value to it
  • Harmful chemicals, hard metals and dirt reduction done at a high level
  • Up to 100 gallons of water can be filtered

Aqua Vessel Filtration Water Bottle Review:

  • Could be the perfect option for everyone
  • A very sleek design, Stainless steel body added some positive points for this product
  • If you are going for long drive then this product is best option for you as it kept water cold and tasty for several hours
  • Comes in different colors so all your family members could have their own choice for best water filter bottle
  • This bottle is surely the best model in its kind
  • Surprisingly heavy bottle but you won’t matter as compared to other positive points

Though for the product

Stop searching for related products. This bottle perfect ideal model for everyone. Try out this bottle. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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5. OKO Advanced Filtration Water Bottle

Characteristics :best filtered water bottle

  • Hook is available to attach with bag
  • Water tastes good
  • Huge 100-gallon filter capacity
  • Little bit slow to filter the water but can be acceptable

OKO Advanced Filtration Water Bottle Reviews :

  • Not too heavy for backpacking
  • Very flexible plastic bottle is an advantage

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6. Brita Hard Sided Water Filter Bottle

best water bottle FilterCharacteristics :

  • Comes with the 1 liter bottle
  • More easier sip straw and dishwasher safe
  • As like CamelBak Groove Water Filter Bottle filter is assembled inside the bottle

Brita Hard Sided Water Filter Bottle Reviews :

  • After every 2 months replace filter with the help of Brita Bottle Replacement Filter (Item Number-60258 35818)
  • Install filter correctly otherwise you could face the water leaking problem
  • A soft rubber piece near the bottle mouth makes drinking procedure much easier as it feels smoother while drinking
  • A most wanted bottle for those who drinks lot of water or want to do so
  • Excellent design adds more value to its advantage side

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7. Nubo 57-1432 Reusable Filter Water Bottle

best filtered water bottle Characteristics :

  • Again a most important factor here is environment friendly that it is reusable
  • World’s most easier bottle for cleaning as it opened up from both top and bottom side
  • After removing the filter you can even freeze the bottle
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe

Nubo 57-1432 Reusable Filter Water Bottle Reviews :

  • BACTERIOSTATIC i.e. Bacteria is not produces inside the bottle (Other bottles doesn’t have this feature)
  • Improves the tap water more tasty and better
  • Best replacement for ordinary water bottle
  • It doesn’t require a straw to suck a water from bottle

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IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Depending upon your amount of consumption of water you need to change your inside filter regularly to ensure the great-tasting water.


Now you have seen all selective best products in the market that change your way to live pure life with pure water. So select your Best Water Filter Bottle according to your needs,enjoy!!! If you think any superior best filtered water bottle is missed out in the list,then please let me know about it in the comments below!

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