Top Rated Different Types of Water Filters 2019

Water filters are essential part of our life now days as there is no guarantee of any clean(so called) water. Home water filters are useful to drink pure, fresh water and increases shining of your house. On counter part portable water filters helps you while you are going abroad; traveling, hiking. There are different types of water filters which means a lot for keeping body healthy. Choose your water filter according to your need and say no to unwanted diseases.

Top Rated recomended Products

Water filter pitcherpur cr 60001.Improves taste of water
2.Sticker indicator
3.Convenient facilities
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Water filter bottleHydros Side Fill Bottles1.Suitable for traveling
2.Filters any kind of water
3.Easy to carry
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water filter faucetspur faucet filter1.Best solution to remove chlorine
2.Makes tap water testable
3.Different models, sizes are available
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Undersink water filtersCulligan US-EZ-4 EZ-Change Level-4 Under-Sink Drinking Water System1.Reduces odor and bad taste
2.Easy installation
3.Easy fittings
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water filter strawdrink LifeStraw water filter1.Awarded by many organizations
2.Best portable product
3.Efficient way to drink unpure water
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shower head water filtersculligan ish-100 level2 shower head filter1.Avoids skin allergies, rashes
2.Ultra filtration technology
3.Makes bathroom shower water more softer
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Portable water filter bottlebest poretable water filter bottle1.Convenient
3.filters numerous contaminants
4.Cheapest product
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Water Filter Pitcher:

pur cr 6000 water filter pitcher

Best water filter for home use

  • The cheapest and most convenient water filters for home use
  • Improves taste of your water by dramatically removing toxic odor and many other harmful substances
  • Easily filled lid and easy to handle water filters pitcher deserves most wanted filter tag for your tap water
  • Sticker indicator provides you pitcher’s life indicator which reminds you about filters life
  • Choose your perfect model according to your need as it comes with various water capacities
  • A convenient facilities keeps this product on the top among various water filter pitchers

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Water filter bottle:

ÖKO Filtration Water Bottles

Best Product for Traveling

  • Water bottle are essential part while traveling but what if it comes within filter!!!
  • Water filter bottles are best portable product if we are outside the home
  • Water filter bottles matters a lot as these filter bottles has the capability of filtering any kind of water; coming from any source, even river water also
  • This is famous and first choice product of people who likes to travel in all over the world specially where water is hardly gettable
  • It removes dirty water contaminants and easy to carry as this is lightweight and durable product, No need to carry heavy plastic water bottles that infects environment too

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Water Filter Faucets:

Best faucet filter

Best faucet filter for home use

  • In most of the city’s municipality uses chlorine in their tanks to destroy bacteria
  • But chlorinated water causes various problems and harmful diseases
  • Water filter faucets are best solution to remove chlorine from your tap water
  • Water filter faucets are designed perfectly to suits your kitchen
  • Use faucet filters and say NO to unwanted problems causes due to chlorinated water and unpure water
  • Water filter faucets makes tap water testable and clean
  • Different models, sizes are available according to your need; so don’t worry about perfect fittings

Check it out here best water filter faucets

Undersink Water Filters:

  • A best household filter equipment for your healthy water
    Best water filters for home use 2016

    Undersink water filters for home use

  • Tap water never seems to be clean and pure so check out for this highly rated product
  • It reduces odor and bad taste from tap odor for purifying water completely
  • Easy installation and Easy installation are some additional points here
  • Undersink water filter models provides sleek and slim designs that increases shine of your kitchen
  • Replacement filters are also easy to mount
  • Once you done with filter fittings then not to worry about contaminated water

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Water Filter Straw:

drink LifeStraw water filter

Amazing product for traveling

  • This is somewhat amazing and mostly useful product awarded by many organizations
  • While traveling and trekking just carry this one of water filter straw and no need to carry anymore heavy water bottle or water container
  • Search for nearby water source like river, lakes, snow run-off, streams put one end of your straw in any dirty water and enjoy pure clean water on other side
  • More effective and efficient way to drink unpure water by making it pure in easiest way.
  • No breakable or movable part so you can put it in your bag also as this is small in size

Check it out here best water filter straws

Shower Head Water Filters:

culligan ish-100 level2 shower head filter

Stylish best shower filters

  • Are you getting tired of skin allergies, rashes then try out shower head water filters
  • Just mount this product on your shower and shine your skin more marvelously
  • Most of municipality water is chlorinated that damages your skin badly
  • Chlorinated water is harmful to your beautiful hairs also
  • By using shower head water filters you can avoid all these worries conveniently
  • It makes bathroom shower water more softer,more clean that feels great to bath
  • Due to ultra filtration technology it also reduces many contaminants

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 Portable water filter bottle:

Best traveling bottle

Best product for traveling

  • Portable water filter bottles are much convenient instead of carrying other water containers specially in the area of forest, mountains.
  • Due to C there is no issue of packing it in your traveling bag.
  • It filters numerous contaminants which are harmful and may causes unwanted serious diseases.
  • Improves the taste of water, makes it more fresh and odor free.
  • Can be a cheapest product among water filtration models that are useful while going abroad any corner of the world.
  • So my recommendation is everyone should have at-least one piece of this marvelous product which never let you thirsty and illness; makes your journey joyful.

Check it out Best Portable water filter bottles

Replacement water filters

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Final thought

Here we have summarized top different types of water filters, select your model and brand to enjoy drinking as well as showering water. If you think any more much needed water filter type should be here then just mention in the comments box below.

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